UNI-PEX Corporate Summary

UNI-PEX has been supplying Public address equipments to meet the diverse requirements from various scenes and situations. Our policy is always serving in the field of PA to grasp needs from any customer and reflect them without wasting time and make products offering high and stable quality sound with a long life.

Company name UNI-PEX Co.,Ltd.
Operations November 1951
Incorporated March 1974
Major activities Sales of electric and communications equipments
Capital 20 million Japanese Yen
Executive Mieko Tanaka, Chairman
Eiji Tanaka, President
Employee 90
Company offices 3-6, Shodai-Tajika, Hirakata City, Osaka 573-1132,JAPAN
Annual Sales 4.5 billion Japanese Yen
Business line Emergency broadcast systems, high-quality sound systems, and general-purpose broadcast systems, car-mounted sound equipment, vessel sound equipment, disasterprevention broadcast systems, portable PA equipment, PA systems for amusement facilities, school broadcast systems, horn speakers, special horn speakers, combination speakers, special speakers, wireless tuners, wireless receivers, transistor megaphones, microphones, other PA systems and their associated equipment
Main clients For domestic : Government offices, Japan Railways, Railway companies, Major electric equipment wholesalers, Electric power utility companies and General users For overseas : Export trading companies, Import trading companies, Electric Distributors, Manufacturers and General users
Main export markets More than 50 countries including EU, Middle East, Asian countries, Oceania, and North & South America  
Main babks Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation (Kuzuha Branch) and Mizuho Bank (Senba Branch)
UNI-PEX Corporate JQA-QM3324 ISO 9001/JQA-EM3752 ISO 14001

NIHON DENON CO.,LTD., manufacturing company of UNI-PEX brand products, has been granted the "ISO 9001" and "ISO 14001" by the International Organization for Standardization


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